The Fall '96 Voyage of Semester at Sea

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

The trip started on September 15th departing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The voyage aboard the US Universe Explorer heading across the Pacific to Japan. From Kobe, the next stop was Shanghai, China.

From Shanghai, students traveled by air to Bejing and Xian. The Great Wall was a necessary stop, even in the rain!

The Great Wall of China

In Vietnam

The next stop was Vietnam and a Mekong River tour. From there the ship set sail for Madras, India. A trip by Air brought the travels to the Taj Mahal, as pictured above.

The pyramids and Sphnix


The Pyramids at Sunset
Sitting on the Pyramid
From India, it's through the Suez Canal to Egypt and a visit to the Pyramids.

Sitting on a Pyramid!

From Egypt, there is a stop in Isreal and in Turkey.

Next, the Acropolis, in Athens. In Greece

In Morocco


And home to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, after 100 days at sea!

St. Marks Plaza, Venice

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Venice in June


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