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I have been working on the web since March, 1995. Even with all the work, all the problems, and all the changes, I still find it the most fascinating place. With a huge potential for communication between people, I see it as a world link to the minds of an infinite number of people. The variety of expression is endless.

I have build this personal web site to show friends, family and colleagues my work and parts of my life. I have seen so many interesting home pages, I thought I would just clutter up the web with one of my own!

If my life and work interest you, have fun looking around!

Mt Cook, New Zealand


A Web experiment! Use you bottom scroll bar to see a panoramic picture of Cottonwood Pass, west of Buena Vista, Colorado, 12,126 ft.


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Personal Interests and Family Activities

I recently got married and changed my name back to my maiden name, Farnam, under which I am known socially.

Before 2013, I was Rosalind Farnam Dudden. I was the Health Sciences Llibrarian at Library and Knowledge Services and the Gerald Tucker Memorial Medical Library at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, until my retirement in 2011. As a professional librarian, I still use that name.


Curriculum Vitae

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