Written by Jim Mills


Display Panel Text/Control Panel
</COMMENT> No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3 support for APPLET!!




Click and drag in the display panel (the left side of the panel) to get started.


Each move is defined by the color of the center piece on the side to be rotated. All moves are clockwise. Execute a move two or three times to achieve 180 degree or counter clockwise rotation.

Other features

Most commands are self-explanatory. Click the 'transparent' check box to make the rendering wire-frame. If the 'show history' radio button is selected, a list of all moves made shows in the text panel. 'reset view' also resets the cube to the solved position and clears the history buffer. The distance slider affects the apparent size of the image and also reduces the parallax.


Putting the distance slider near the button will scramble the image. Sorry about that.