Love those Mountains!

Living in Colorado means to many hiking in the mountains in the summer and skiing in the winter and don't forget biking. In the summer of 1997, I was lucky enough to go on many hikes with a friend, Jim. We went to Ptarmigan Lake at 12,000 feet (Mount Yale is to the right here), to Rocky Mountain National Park, to the Flattops by Steamboat Springs, and finally, biking in Glenwood Canyon.

In the interest of 14.4 baud, I have six pictures on this page and four more on the biking page.

I hope you enjoy Colorado as much as I do!

These pictures below are from the Flattops area between Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs. Access is outside of Yampa.

We hiked up to the Devil's Causeway, which we crossed very carefully. Quite a view and a 1000 foot drop, on two sides!

The trail up to the top went through a part of the forest that had a big beetle kill in 1940. 50 years later, the dead trees had fallen. They are called snags by locals.

The trail above timberline was filled with wild flowers.

It was a wonderful summer to hike!


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