Utah - Fall, 2001
Zion National Park - Angel's Landing

Angel's Landing, from the valley floor

After spending the night in Hurricane, Jim and I got to the Zion Lodge and registered. We decided to do three trails, Emerald Pools, Kayenta, and Angel's Landing. We started at 11 AM and got back to the valley floor at 7 PM.

First we went to the Emerald Pools which were not very deep since it was the fall. The upper one was the best.

We then walked along the river on a ledge trail called the Kayenta trail. We took a break for lunch at the Grotto and fill our water bottles. On the Angel's Landing trail, after walking along the valley floor, Jim and I split up. He went on ahead up the switchbacks faster than me. The trail switchbacked up heavily and then went through a man-made cut in the cliff as indicated by the blue line above.

The whole trail was cemented which is unusual. Looking back down from the cut, you can see the switchbacks. After rounding the corner at the end of the cut, I walked back through a natural break in the rocks for about 15 minutes. It was cool and secluded.

Then I saw Walter's Wiggle and just had to take a rest!

Walter apparently constructed this set of switchbacks in the 1930s. Quite an engineering feat!

Jim had hiked out onto the West Rim trail and we kept in touch by walkie-talkie. We met where the the trail branched. We went up for about 15 minutes using chains to hang on. We got to the point where we got this view of the Angel's Landing. I decided not to go up. I had already hiked for 5 hours and felt I was to tired to go on. The 2000 foot drop off on both sides was not very appealing either. The arrows in the pictures point to Jim.

The view from this spot in all directions is awesome!


Hours of Exertion:


Zion National Park
October 1, 2001

Emerald Pools
11:00 AM
12:00 Noon
1 hour
150 feet
3.6 miles

Clear and hot
The Upper pool was well worth the walk.

Kayenta Trail
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
45 Minutes
-50 feet
5 miles
Nice perspective aunt valley. Stopped for Lunch at the Grotto

Angels Landing
2:00 PM
7:00 PM
5 hours
1488 feet
5 miles
Clear, + overcast
Quite an experience. Would recommend it for anyone.

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