Utah - Fall, 2001
Bryce Canyon National Park

The Silent City at Sunrise
from Inspiration Point

We made the effort to get up at before sunrise and head out to Inspiration Point. We were advised by the rangers to go there instead of Sunrise Point, the more logical place. At Inspiration Point, we looked back into the area called the Silent City.

There, as the City turned from blue to orange to red, we watched in awe. We climbed to the top of the point for the biggest view. Then on the way back we noticed about 10 photographers with their cameras on tripods pointing down into the hoodoos. There, as in the picture above, was a reflection of the sunlight that seemed to make the hoodoos backlit. It was truly unique! Even without a tripod, I got a few shots.

I took many pictures of the Silent City and small parts of it and I wanted to display so many here the page would surely not load. So, on this page only, I have clickable thumbnails. Click on any picture on this page and see the full image. Then use the back button to come back to where you were.

If you ever go to Bryce, make the effort! Get out of bed!

The glowing hoodoos

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